Skyler Jenkins

Producer | Director Photographer | Cinematographer | Editor

Visual Storyteller and Creative Collaborator

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Sky's Story


Thanks to my parents, I was encouraged to try every art form:

I performed in theatre & choir, taught myself guitar & songwriting, dreamt of making music for movies, dabbled in drawing, graphic design, wood working; and every sport you can imagine...


Finally, I discovered Filmmaking: an art form that combines everything and has the power to instill impactful messages to its viewers. Filmmaking lit the creative fire inside me, like no other; my inspiration was endless!


My Filmmaking Style is immersive, energy driven, authentic, observant, collaborative & minimalist. I strive to incorporate myself into the world I am in, documenting without interrupting, to capture authentic beauty. My intent is to blur the lines between art and reality; to tell compelling, honest and creative stories with deep universal messages.


Currently Creating in Los Angeles, CA

Living & Working out of my Mobile Home Studio Van

I am a Visual Storyteller & a Friend to All

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