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Hi, I'm Sky

I'm a filmmaker, songwriter & creative collaborator

with a focus on co-creation & cultivating community


My passion is to visually share others' stories

from a naturalistic approach & human perspective

At the start of 2021, I followed two artists cross country

to finish a feature film & am now hanging in L.A.

Let's Connect & Collab!
Can't wait to hear your story

Rachel Andie - Upfall still 2.jpeg

Rachel Andie tells a story of love, loss & rebirth through music

Visual Album  |  60 min  |  Coming 2021

A songwriter takes off on a solo tour to promote his new music

Documentary  |   60 min  |  Coming 2021

Kirby Sybert's

Everything or Northing Tour

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 11.06.07

with Mary Liz

A singer journeys cross country to find her voice.

Visuelle | 50 min | Coming 2021

Adventures with artists in pursuit of creation, collaboration & exploration

Docuseries  |  50 min  |  Stream Now

This is Norman

An extraordinary blind man's lifelong dream comes true.

Documentary  |  20 min |  Watch Here